wikiBudgets FAQ

Are you similar to WikiLeaks?

Not really. In democratic countries all public finance information is by definition public. Yes, it is usually obscured and hard to find but it is not a secret. So we are not leaking anything, we are just making existing data accessible, searchable and fun to explore.

Are you similar to Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is our huge role model and we hope that we too will nurture a community of volunteers that will help us collect, clean and verify data.

Where do you want to get the data?

In democratic countries all public finance information is by definition public. Yes, it is usually obscured and hard to find but even in the worst case scenario states and institutions must disclose their financial data based on the Freedom of Information legislation. In the best case scenario we will be able to ingest lots of the data directly from government's information systems.

Are you a non-profit?

No, we are a social enterprise. That mean we are a for profit company with strong for-good mission. We believe that being for profit - being able to get commercial investment and sell products - will allow us best fulfill our mission. 

What is your mission?

Improve democracy by putting all public budgets on the internet.

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